Staré Město (Old Town) – start


Welcome to Můstek, where Wenceslas Square and Na Příkopě Street intersect and metro lines A and B meet. In the lobby of metro A, you can see the remains of a bridge over the city moat that gave its name to both Na Příkopě Street and Můstek station. This place is also known as the Golden Cross and is considered the most expensive place to do business in Prague.

Wenceslas Square is named after Wenceslas, the patron saint of the Czech lands. His statue stands at the top of the square. However, the square used to be named after the items that could be purchased there. In Prague, we have the Fruit Market and Coal Market, and Wenceslas Square was once named after the animals that could be bought there. Can you guess what Wenceslas Square was called? Here’s a hint: a large statue of that animal is part of the statue at the top of the square.

The market was called :

Take Na Příkopě Street in a north-easterly direction, i.e. along the straight part of the street to the next intersection with Havířská Street.