Staré Město (Old Town) – 11 / 13

This small street is called Zlatá (Golden), unlike Golden Lane in the castle, Golden Lane in the Old Town is actually named after gold. Goldsmiths and jewellers used to live here.

In addition, it is said that in the Golden Lane lived a beautiful merchant’s daughter, with whom a waterman fell in love and she fell in love with him. The girl left the family with him and lived happily under the Vltava River. After some time her son was to be born, and she asked her aunt, who was a midwife, to come to her. When her aunt helped her and they had a handsome water boy, the waterman has asked what she wants for the help with the birth. The aunt took her niece’s advice and asked for just a little coal. Then when she went home, pieces of coal fell on the street, and at home she undressed and fell asleep. In the morning she was awakened by a noise from outside where people were picking up pieces of gold on the ground. When she looked in her pockets she found that the coal had turned to gold overnight. From then on, everyone called the street nothing else but Golden.

Golden Lane in the castle is the only street in Prague where you pay to enter. Moreover, both Golden Streets are the only streets in Prague that are not open all day. Can you find out when this Golden Lane opens?

We will walk through the entire Golden Lane, at Anenské náměstí we will go to its opposite corner and walk along Anenské Street (like the waterman used to walk) to the Vltava River, actually first we will carefully cross Smetana Embankment with the tram line and then we will walk straight on the footbridge to its end.