Staré Město (Old Town) – 10 / 13

If it’s almost a full hour, it’s worth waiting for the astronomical clock (Orloj), when the apostles pass behind the open windows, and the other figures are also moving. The whole show lasts less than a minute, so be prepared.

The astronomical clock was adapted to its current form by the master

(3rd paragraph on the plaque on the side of the clock, starting with H.). Legend has it that Prague’s city councillors didn’t want a similar clock to stand in other cities, so they blinded its author. However, he, already blind, came to the machine and put his hand into it so that the machine stopped and for many years no one was able to repair it. Other cities did not have the astronomical clock, but Prague did not have it either.

We continue on past the Old Town Hall, the house At a Minute and still straight through the Small Square (Malé náměstí), coming out of it straight down Charles Street (Karlova ulice), but at the next crossroads we leave Charles Street (Karlova ulice) with the royal road with all the crowds of tourists and continue straight for a short time and then immediately to the right down Jalovcová Street. At the end of the road turn left and at the next junction turn right.