Staré Město (Old Town) – 6 / 13

The newest building we see at the crossroads is a bank, the only bank that can print money in the Czech Republic. The name of the bank is :

The beautifully decorated building oposite is called the Municipal House a remarkable building of one style of construction. That style is (building styles examples are on this page bellow)

Next to the Municipal House is the Powder Gate, this used to be the entrance to the Old Town, the gate has been called different names at different times, its name Powder comes from when it was a gunpowder store. It is built in the style is.

We will now pass through the Powder Gate into Celetná Street, where the so-called Kings Route begins, the route taken by the Czech kings to their coronations. The road started here, in the Royal Court – the former municipal seat of the Czech kings (now the Municipal House stands on this site) and led to Pražský hrad. But we will only go a short distance to the first crossroads on the left, the crossroads with the Ovocný trh (Fruit Market).

Tip – These are a few building styles :

Art Nouveau