Staré Město (Old Town) – 2 / 13

Na Příkopě Street was created by filling in a medieval moat that was part of the town’s fortification. The moat was filled in during the reign of Charles IV when he was expanding Prague. He created a new district of the city, which is now called in Czech [insert name of district in Czech language].

On the other side of Na Příkopě Street was the original town. This district is called (insert name of district) in Czech.

(hint – The names of the town quarters can be found on street signs and on the red descriptive numbers that each house displays, in addition to the blue house numbers that indicate the house’s position on the street.)

In 1784, several cities merged to form the Royal Capital of Prague.

In addition to these districts on the other side of the Vltava River, Prague included :

and the town (now a district) with the castle

Walk along Havířská Street to its end, turn left in front of the green building of the Estates Theatre and immediately right, so that we are stand in front of its entrance.