Staré Město (Old Town) – 12 / 13

The Novotný footbridge (Novotného lávka) is considered to be the place with the most beautiful view of Prague. From here you can see Charles Bridge, Hradčany (Prague castle), all nicely in one picture. And while below the surface of the Vltava lives the richest of Prague’s watermen (the one who has the most souls, which he acquired from the times when there was a ford, but also from the times when there was a bridge and there were fights on it, or from the times of floods, when the whole Old Town belonged to his territory), above the surface on the lookout with his back to the castle sits the composer who wrote a composition about the Vltava river – a symphonic poem. This gentleman is signed on the pedestal and his name is

After you have enjoyed the view, we will go back along the Novotný footbridge to the tram on Smetana Embankment, turn left into the passage and at the end of it turn left again to the Old Town Bridge Tower.